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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Today's fun discovery

I got to play with mod podge today for the first time! So neat! I saw this tutorial on YouTube to make picture tiles using scrapbook paper and the mod podge glue. It was so easy and the tiles turned out really cute. It would make a perfect Christmas gift. I bet you could even make these for $2.50 tops. I got 6x6 tiles at Lowe's for $.84 each, the paper was $.25 for a size that would make 4 tiles worth, the mod podge was $5 (but with a coupon, you could get it for almost half that much at Hobby Lobby) and one bottle would do probably 12-15 tiles. Also, I bought little stands to set the tiles on and they cost $2 at JoAnn's (again, cheaper with coupon). There are so many ways to do the different tiles too. I had a lot of fun. Can't wait to check out more ideas for mod podge! Catalina made the last one with her own scrapbook paper. She loved it! :)


Rachel Kline said...

I love this idea. I found a link to your blog on pinterest. I wanted to tell you, you can make your own mod podge, too. Just buy a bottle of elmers glue and pour the contents into a jar, then fill the glue bottle with water and shake it. Pour the water into the jar, and shake until mixed. It works just as well and is SUPER cheap!!

Audrey @ DefrumpMe said...

Thanks, Rachel! I saw the same idea on Pinterest as well. Have you tried it? I haven't, but I really need to. It would save sooo much money! Thanks!!

By the way, if you're interested, check out my new blog: It's got lots of great stuff on it!

Traci said...

I love this modge podge tile idea... I was curious what size picture you used...31/2 by 5? Or 4 x 6?

(also found you from pinterest :)

Audrey @ DefrumpMe said...


I usually start with a 4x6, but then I cut the photo down to a 3x5 or 3x4 depending on what looks best. So, you could definitely use a 3.5x5. You might have to trim it a bit. Just make sure if you use a 4x6 that it's not a tight crop. You don't want to cut people off when you trim it down. For a more detailed tutorial on this project, visit my new blog:

Audrey @ DefrumpMe said... and go back a few posts to Photo Tile {Fun Christmas Gift}. I would just paste the link in the comment, but it's not letting me. Sorry!

Thanks for stopping by!

Traci said...

Thank you so much!! I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I checked out your new blog post too. It looks great! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Christy Blanton said...

Hi there! I bought the glossy modge podge instead of the matte. Could you tell me if the matte finish dried with lines on it? Thank you!