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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

18 months old!

Still working on not making huge messes when we eat! :)

What a sweetie!

Loves his shoes!

Here's Catalina (almost 3) in the first dress made from our (mom and me) sewing business. More on that later!

Daniel turned 18 months old on Saturday. What a milestone! :) Oh, and yes, it really is 4:30 am. Daniel was having trouble sleeping so I just got him up. After a while he'll go back to sleep (this happens fairly often by the way...why???). He has never been a good sleeper. At this point, he only takes one nap a day for about 30-45 minutes. Still doesn't sleep through the night. I hear awful stories about some kids who don't sleep through the night until 5 years old and I just have a feeling that's where we're headed. But despite his "problems," he's really learning a lot of new things and getting better at old things. The latest thing that he just loves to do is dip food (chicken nuggets into ketchup, etc.). This can keep him completely happy for an entire meal (yeah!!!). He also loves his shoes and can now say the word. He has just started saying "please." His favorite word is probably "kitty" especially since we got one recently. This story will be a post in and of itself. Let's just say Daniel LOVES his kitty. He's graduated to the Toddler room at church. He'll stay there until he's old enough to go to the 3 year old class. Apparently, he's also old enough to start throwing fits! So, we've been working on that...Anyway, Daniel is not my little "baby" anymore! :( and :)