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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sharrah's Visit

Here's some pictures of Sharrah and the babies!

I absolutely LOVE this picture of all 3 of them!!

This last weekend Sharrah and Kevin came to visit! It was so good to see them again!! Kevin had enough frequent flyer miles to get both him and Sharrah tickets (thank you, Kevin!). Originally, Sharrah was coming to not only see us but to also go to our 10 year highschool reunion that I was organizing. However, that reunion didn't happen because pretty much no one could come. Anyway, that meant more time for me to spend with just her and Kevin. They flew in Friday and went to visit Andrea near Fort Smith, so Friday I didn't see them. Saturday we all (including the Osbon family) met at the Rolling Pin cafe for breakfast and had chocolate gravy and biscuits. Yum! Kevin was really looking forward to the chocolate gravy (he doesn't get that where he's from up north, poor guy - he needs to move down here...). After breakfast we went our separate ways (Sharrah had a wedding to go to that afternoon), but then met back up at my parents' house that evening for dinner. Phillip grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and we watched the Razorback game (well, kinda watched it; it was pretty boring). Besides my entire family, Sharrah and Kevin, and Krystal's family, Pam was also there and Andrea showed up too. It was a lot of fun and we got some cute pictures of Sharrah and the babies! Sunday after church and lunch, just us girls went to get some icecream from Shake's. This is an old tradition from our college days. Ok! Maybe I shouldn't say "old!" :) It was a short trip but I'm so thankful that Sharrah got to come and that we got to see her even if just for a couple of days. This was also her first time to see Daniel and Justus in person so that was very special!! We love you, Sharrah!!!!

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