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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Amish Country

As part of Phillip's vacation last week, we went to a bed and breakfast in Seymour, Missouri called Amish Country Inn. The b&b was in a barn that had been renovated and it was very nice. The owners were very nice too and the wife (they have 7 boys and 1 girl) even took Daniel back to the kitchen with her the night we got there so we could eat our meal in peace. Daniel did very good and slept well that night (no crying!) which was a blessing! I was worried that he might keep everyone up (there were honeymooners there) which would have been awful, but he didn't! The next day we took some pictures around the place and then we went to an authentic Amish store. It was on an actual Amish family's farm and they ran it. There are about 2400 old order Amish around the area and we saw lots of horse-drawn wagons and buggies as we were driving around. It was very neat! The Amish store was interesting too. When we walked in the ladies were talking in Pennsylvania Dutch (German?) and of course they were dressed in Amish clothes. One of the girls was younger (I couldn't tell how old she was; she could have been in her late teens or early 20's) and I couldn't help but stare discreetly - she was so different than me! She was very pretty though and I find myself wishing I could talk to her about her life. But we know that they don't like people staring and prying so I didn't of course. The store had lots of things, including Amish material and boots and hats. In addition, it had baking pans and supplies, toys and books for children, and some food. Just a side note, if you would like to read some books on the Amish, look up Beverly Lewis. She writes Christian historical fiction on the Amish and I love her books! Anyway, from there we drove on to Branson and did some shopping there and then it was home. My mom got to go with us which was also a lot of fun!!

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