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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September, A Month of Firsts

This has been such a busy (and difficult) month for our family. Daniel has been teething, plus he also had a virus while he was teething. But it looks like we're through it now, so I hope we'll have some peace and quiet for a little while. Here are a list of firsts in Daniel's little life that have happened in September: 1st tooth (by the way, he has 2 teeth now), 1st words ("da-da"), 1st time to roll off the bed (that happened Monday - so sad), 1st time to vomit (also, so sad), 1st time to start sitting up on his own, 1st time to have carrots, 1st time to sit and play in the grass, and first time to see Uncle J.D. (he's back from army training to visit the family a while). See how busy we've been?? Daniel with Uncle J.D.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Poor Daniel! What a tough month! (though there were some good things in there too)

So glad to see you're blogging now -- it's such fun to keep up with all the other babies. Even though we see each other at church, it's hard to remember everything that's happened. Give that sweet boy a kiss for me :-)