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Thursday, September 6, 2007

My First Blog

Today is my first day to ever have a blog. I finally decided to try to do one (even if I'm on the only one who ever sees it).

Let's I plan to create a blog (check), do some laundry and FOLD it, straighten up my room a bit (maybe even clean my bathroom...but that might be pushing it), cook supper, plant my two dwarf crape myrtles, AND take care of my beautiful baby boy!

Speaking of Daniel (yes, this blog will mostly be about him and my life as his mother!), last night we found that he had a tooth! His very first one! It has just barely popped through. I thought he had been teething because he has been so fussy and not sleeping well at night, but I had no idea the tooth would come through so fast! I was SO excited. He is just over 5 months and I thought it would be a little while longer before he got one. Phillip said he thought he saw the tooth a couple of days ago (but of course he didn't mention it to me, which puts him very high on the "maddened-mommy" scale). I will post a picture of Daniel that I took this morning (just knowing that he has a tooth in his mouth will make this picture more exciting...even though you can't actually see the tooth...yes, what can I say? I'm a new mom).

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