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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some cute things

We are at the Springdale library this morning. Daniel loves playing on the computers and Gid loves to play with the bins of books and other kids. Gid is starting to make noises when he plays with things. It sounds like he's making car or truck noises. So cute! I'm sure he picked it up from Daniel. He's also standing on his own a bit, taking a step here and there by himself, and climbing things. If we had stairs I would be in a world of trouble! It's hard enough as it is. He's been climbing on Daniel's little step-stools!

Gid can also say ma-ma now! We are both thrilled! He knows I am ma-ma and he just smiles really big when he says it. He is also making the ba-ba and ga-ga sounds. Of course he's been saying da-da for a while. Another thing Gideon is doing right now is putting everything he possibly can in his mouth! I hate it! I am constantly having to pull stuff out of his mouth. Yuck. One time I caught him eating part of a large moth. :-/

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