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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Boys

I can't believe how big the boys are getting!! They're growing up so

Daniel is 3 years and 3 months old now and he is such a big helper! He
loves (for the most part) to do his chores, which include making his
bed, picking up his toys, and brushing his teeth. He also like to
pretend his hand is a crane and many times I'll use that to get him
motivated to pick up his messes. :) He has also been helping me clean
the table and floor around the table where he sits after he eats. He
makes such huge messes that I've started to make him help clean them
up in the hopes that he'll be more careful!

Daniel is also very helpful with his brother. Just today, we were in
the car driving home from Grandma's and Daniel said, "Oh no! Baby is
eating something!" So I felt back there, and sure enough Gid had a big
piece of fuz in his mouth that he could've choked on!

The biggest milestone we are going through right now is POTTY
TRAINING! Not my favorite milestone. We started training diligently
last week because I realized that we only have 2 months until school
starts up (he'll be going to k-3 in the fall--another HUGE milestone),
and the kids have to be potty trained. He's actually been doing pretty
well with it. This is the 8th day and he can now go on his own without
any prompting from me. He still has trouble getting his pull-up on and
off. I need to get him more underwear. And sometimes he likes to be
lazy and not deal with it, but for the most part he does really well.
I'm so proud of him! His motivation/reward is anything chocolate (yes,
he takes after me)! Today, we were on our way home but I needed to
drop some books off at the Elkins library. We were almost there when
he started complaining that he needed to go peepee. So, when we got to
the library, I lugged both boys in and we went to the bathroom. He
held it until we got there! He did so great! I'm really hoping we
don't have any major setbacks. Some funny things Daniel has said
during the potty training experience are as follows: 1) it's really
big, mommy (talking about his you-know-what); it's too hard for me!
(when he's trying to pee but nothing comes out); we use tinkle and
peepee interchangeably, and so every so often when he's on the potty
I'll hear him singing, "tinkle, tinkle little star..."); and when I
told him we were potty TRAINing, his eyes got big and he had to think
about that--he thinks trains has something to do with going potty now,
but he's not sure what! :)

Well, I've got to go put Gid down for a nap, so I'll do another post

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