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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Joy of Baking

I've been reading this mystery book about a tea-shop owner in Charleston, SC. I really enjoy the books (I've actually read 3), because I love to read the descriptions of all the teas and yummy desserts/food the owner serves at her tea shop. I also love to read the descriptions of her store and how it's's a cozy, inviting little shop full of antique teapots and cups, shelves packed with various cans of teas, and tables of baked good likes scones, cookies, madeleines, etc. I actually like these descriptions more than the actual mystery. I pretend that I can go there anytime I want and just relax with a nice cup of tea and a scone.... Anyway, at the end of the books, the author always includes some recipes that she uses in the story, so I thought I'd try one out. Tonight Phillip and I made some cream scones (very easy), and they were so tasty!! I sprinkled sugar on top of each one and ate one right out of the oven. Yummy! Then I was doing some research online for scone recipes, and found this very cool website: It's got tons of recipes and beautiful pictures for each one. And it's even got the history of where the baked goods originated from. Pretty interesting. My new favorite website for a while...

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