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Monday, March 16, 2009

Major Milestone!

Well, at almost 24 months, Daniel is finally officially weaned! He had been basically weaned during the day but was continuing to nurse through the night - hence the sleepless nights for me! But a couple of weeks ago, Phillip decided to sleep with Daniel in the guest bedroom (which is now Daniel's new room). They have been sleeping in there since and Daniel has not nursed during the night since then either! The first week and a half, Daniel would wake up off and on during the night, but since I wasn't there to nurse him, he would cry (pretty hard sometimes). But eventually Phillip would get him to go back to sleep. He does take a cup of water to bed, which helps him a lot! Anyway, the last several nights he has not even been waking up! He's been getting lots of good sleep and so have I!! I think Phillip has been getting sleep too...I guess I need to make sure! :)

I know it seems ridiculous to some that we wouldn't force Daniel to sleep in his own room without nursing for so long, but in all honesty, we just weren't ready. At least I wasn't. I still miss having him in bed with me and I miss nursing him too. It's a pretty big adjustment for me! But I'm glad it's finally happening and that Daniel has responded so well to it. It was time.


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