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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Introducing Solids

This experience has been challenging to say the least! We have been trying to get Daniel to eat solids (mainly rice cereal and sweet potatoes for now), but any time we even put a spoonful of one of these near his mouth, he gags, spits and makes faces. Today I took some pictures of meal time (notice the cute bib Daddy got him from Florida). He gets so messy that I have to give him a bath after every feeding. What a hassle!! I love my job... :)


Janice said... the time he is going to school, he'll be eating 4 squares a day.........take it from me!! Don't you worry. Say....have you tried dark chocolate yet?

Janice said...

And you do it so well!!! He's one fine baby!! You two are the best!!